Alcohol FREE wine!

I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical when I first heard of alcohol free wine, but I have to say, this is a trend we can’t ignore. More and more people are picking up products with lower alcohol. Look at the boom of White Claw in the last few years. This boom brought a lower alcohol beverage to the forefront of social gatherings. Not to mention people who are sober, pregnant or just plain don’t want alcohol. Ever craved a mimosa on a Tuesday morning, but can’t have it because you need to work? Well now you can have it all!

The Wine

Codorníu Zero is a zero alochol sparkling wine from Spain. It is made from 100% AIRÉN grape. “The alcohol is gently removed by an innovative vacuum distillation system at low temperature, respecting the wine and minimizing the loss of characteristics.” Serve Chilled.

The Tasting Notes

This wine has a fairly pronounced, refreshing and fruity nose with notes of ripe peach, crushed pineapple, lemon curd, yellow apple and ripe green table grapes. Its slightly off dry with a hint of residual sugar. It has a mouth watering acidity, which makes its delightfully invigorating.

Food Pairings

This wine would be insane paired with fried foods such as fried chicken or French fries. It would be absolutely ideal for spicy foods. When pairing wine with spicy foods, the thing you need to be careful of is the alcohol level. Spicy food makes alcohol in wine even more intense. So this alcohol free wine takes out that difficult pairing factor and makes for the picture perfect pairing. Indian food, Thai food and Mexican food would all be perfect for this wine. Even better yet, combine the spice and the fried and grab a spicy chicken sandwich and paired with this wine, you will be in pure heaven.

Where To Find It?

You can find this lovely, alcohol free wine for $9.99 HERE

Would love to hear your tasting notes! Comment below, Cheers!

Love, Casleah

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