10 things you must know before you visit California Wine Country.

  1. Most wine regions are pretty spread out, be sure to map out your trip and plan your route accordingly 
  2. Hire a driver! The last thing you want to worry about is a DD. Hire a driver to ensure your safety, full enjoyment and support local businesses 

3. Don’t plan more then 3 wineries per day. It’s important to not feel rushed and to fully enjoy each stop 

4. Call ahead and make appointments at each spot. To guarantee the perfect day, set up appointments ahead of time to avoid disappointment of being turned away from a full tasting room. (Plus with the current pandemic, most places are appointments only anyways) 

5. Book the proper time slots. The best wine tasting day includes a 10 am slot, a 12:30 wine and food pairing for lunch and a 3:30 to end the day. (Followed by dinner at a local restaurant) 

6. Be sure to either buy wine or leave a tip! For a simple tasting, I usually leave a $10 tip and for a tasting and tour I leave $20, but the best way to support is to buy wine and it’s a win win! 

7. Never tell the people pouring the wine that you don’t like the wine! This is their beloved sweat and tears you’re tasting! If you don’t like it, quietly dump and move to the next one. No need to express your disgust. 

8. Expect to spend a minimum of $35/ guest for a tasting. It’s definitely worth the splurge to book a tasting and tour, this can be up to $150/person. 

9. If you get the chance take your glass and stroll the vines. There’s nothing more magical then walking through the vineyards. 

10. Bring water! As amazing as wine is, it’s a dehydrator. Be sure to bring plenty of water so you are good to go the next day! 


If you’re planning a trip and not sure where to go, please don’t hesitate to reach out for recommendations! 


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Cheers! Cas- your personal Sommelier 

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Hollywood Bowl Tips and Tricks

Everything you must know to visit the Hollywood Bowl like a pro.

Peep the Hollywood sign above the stage!

The Hollywood bowl is one of Los Angeles’ most iconic concert venues. Follow these tips to ensure you have the most perfect experience!

Tip # 1:

Park at a park & ride location. It’s only $7 round trip and you get dropped off right in front without have to worry about parking! And the best part is you can have a glass of wine on the bus!!

Tip #2

Pack a picnic! I’d recommend arriving at least 2 hours before the show to enjoy a picnic! You are allowed to bring anything you want, including: alcohol, glass, food, corkscrew, etc. There are plenty of picnic tables around the amphitheater with turf grass. We brought a blanket and our short table which was a perfect setup with out fighting for a picnic table. We also brought cheeses, meats, and wine! (Shoutout to Curdbox for the perfect spread!) Double check that the show you’re attending allows you to bring alcohol because not all of them do. And be sure to follow the bag guidelines of 15”x 15” x 22”.

Tip #3

Seating: we sat in section N1 so it was the before the top section but still very far back. The sound was perfect! I don’t think there’s a bad seat in the house for sound! However we couldn’t see very well so you need to decide how important it is to you to be able to see the show vs hear the show! At the end of the show everyone exits to right of the stage (facing the stage) so the closer you sit to that side, the faster you will get out at the end.

Tip #4

Seat cushions!! It’s only $1 (cash only) to rent a seat cushion! These came in clutch! And at the end of the show you just leave it on your seat!

Overall, we had the most enjoyable experience and can not wait to go back!!


Love, Cas

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