Golden Bordeaux

Discover the world of sweet wines of Bordeaux!

The process:

Did you know that these wines don’t become sweet because of added sugar (chaptalization) ?? They become sweet because of a process called noble rot (or Botrytis Cinerea). Which is a special fungus that certain grapes can develop in the right conditions. The grapes develop this grey mold as well as becoming partial raisins. And this increases the sugar concentration in the grapes and in turn makes the wines sweeter!

The flavor profile:

The beauty of wines that have botrytis is they usually are high acidity which means they make your mouth water. The combination of acidity and sweetness in your mouth is pure perfection. One wines like these, you can expect flavors of candied ginger, orange marmalade, pineapple, honey, saffron, apricots, peaches and nuts.

Food Pairing:

These wines traditionally pair wonderfully with bleu cheese, (The salty/sweet combo is insane!) foie gras, vanilla ice cream and grilled pineapple. Also, you can serve them alone for dessert.

Learn More:

I recently discovered these amazing wines from Snooth Media. They send you all the wines and food pairings and guide you through a virtual tasting with a master of wine! It was a very educational and fun course and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about Sweet Bordeaux wine!!



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