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Time is the great equalizer. We all get the same amount. We can’t have any more. So make the most of the time we have! Life is now! Here’s some tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way of becoming a self employed entrepreneur and business woman! Hope it helps you too!

1. Use a project management tool. I love Asana- It’s a great way to stay organized, make large projects more doable by breaking them into smaller steps and to stay on top of deadlines. You can also assign other people tasks as well. 

2. Use google calendar! This is literally a life saver for me! I put everything in google calendar! I even invite my husband and friends to events. Also when you put in the event address, it tells you when to leave! Every single commitment I make gets a google calendar invite to ensure I’m staying my word and don’t forget any of my commitments! 

3. Get a virtual assistant! My assistant has truly changed my business and my life! She helps me with staying organized, client communications, calendar management, email campaigns, tracking packages, research and much more! If you’re considering getting a virtual assistant, I highly recommend working with Riah at Linq Consulting Solutions . She will matchmake you with the perfect assistant for you! 

4. Pin texts to the top. This little life hack has helped me so much. When you receive a text that you can’t respond to right away, pin it to the top of your texts so you don’t forget to respond later. 

5. Meal Prep! Find a local meal prepper!! I found the amazing Liz who preps delicious and healthy meals for me every week. I doesn’t cost me any more than buying groceries and saves me tons of time and keeps me healthy. Also I’m supporting another local small business owner! Search your area to find a meal prepper near you! 

6. Instacart: get your groceries delivered! Not only does it save me so much time, but it also saves me money from buying things I don’t really need. Also, Ralphs has a whole recipe tab, where you can just add all the ingredients right to your cart! Use this link to get $10 off your next order: https://inst.cr/t/QmZRMG1ObkVC

7. Task Rabbit: learn to delegate the tasks you don’t want to do! I found my amazing cleaning lady through task rabbit. She organized my entire apartment while I worked and studied! 

8. Loom: I discovered this extension recently. Sometimes it’s easier to show it instead of say it. This program allows you to record your screen and yourself on video while you show your client or employee how to do something. Such a time saver instead of typing out step by step instructions. 

9. List of 10 things: my mentor Cristie taught me this one. Once a week I write a list of 10 little things that I have been putting off. It may be a certain email you’ve been leaving unread, or an item you need to return to the store. Just the tiny little annoyances that are taking up brain space. Get them crossed off the list so you can move on to bigger and better things! 

10. TSA Pre Check– I had to add this one in here. It’s $75 for 5 years and saves sooo much time at the airport! Plus you don’t have to take off your shoes. I literally don’t know why you wouldn’t get it. 

11. Press on nails. If you’re like me, having my nails done is so important to me! But its very time consuming and expensive to go to the nail salon every 2 weeks! I’ve discovered $8 sets of press on nails from CVS and Target. It takes me 10 minutes to put on and I’ve never got more compliments on my nails! Just be sure to keep nail glue in your purse in case one pops off! 

12. Unsubscribe- take 20 minutes to unsubscribe to all the unnecessary emails that you just swipe and delete everyday. It will save you so much time in the long run!! 

13. Lastpass: Save all your passwords in one place so you don’t waste time with “Forgot your password” emails. 

14. Write. it. down. Seriously, write everything down! It frees up brain space when you don’t have to remember it! I use the reminders app on my phone. I have it as a widget on my home screen and anytime an thought pops in my head I add to the reminders until I get a chance to send that email, or create that calendar invite.  

15. Practice Gratitude. When we live in gratitude we spend less time worrying about things that don’t matter. I recently started using this journal and I love it! The Five Minute Journal

16. Believe in yourself. When you spend time creating stories about how they’re not going to like you, or your work, you waste precious time! You are capable of more than you think! 

17. Let go of perfect. Repeat after me: It doesn’t have to be perfect. You can always go back in and adjust. Save yourself a lot of time and let go of the need to be perfect. 

These are the tools that have helped me over the last year, and I hope it helps you too!! Would love to hear other tools that you’ve discovered! 

Much love, 

Your personal Sommelier, Casleah 

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